Tukutana provides essential resources and holistic development opportunities for orphans, vulnerable children and the people, churches, and communities that care for them. 



Tukutana Kids

The Tukutana community center, located in the heart of Munyonyo, Uganda, provides under served children with feeding programs, educational resources, school sponsorships, art instruction. It is also the home of the Tukutana Kids' Golf Team comprised of 31 boys and girls who are learning leadership skills and sportsmanship through this unique opportunity. 

Tukutana Kids' Golf


Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Engaged and generous partners have made it possible for Tukutana to construct wells in seven parched districts in eastern Uganda. Provision of water has led to strategic church plants and existing church growth, reduced child mortality rates, and the openings of school and health clinics in rural villages.

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Tukutana beneficiaries want all who invest in their lives to know how thankful they are for their time, gifts and prayers which are helping to enrich their lives. To express their gratitude for a well in their village, these school children painted water-color pictures, using water from the well, as a way to say Thank You to the donors who brought this life-changing resource to their village.

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