Hurricane Irma | How God Answered Prayer



When the Tukutana Kids told me they wanted to pray for people in Hurricane Irma's project path by name, I gave them a list of my friends in Florida, and other threatened areas. The children then made signs, wrote out every name, and prayed (out loud) for each person daily until the storm passed.

Touched by the children's concern and prayers, several of my friends replied with messages of thanks, testimonies of how the Lord answered the prayers, and some very thoughtful gifts (school and art supplies)!  Respectively, this past Saturday, the children gathered at the Tukutana Community Center where they took turns reading the letters to the group. 

Please scroll through to the end to see the beautiful exchange that's taken place between the Tuktuana Kids in Uganda and their friends (new and old) in Florida as a result of the children taking the initiative to pray for their brothers and sisters across the sea.


Praying for Those in Irma's Path | By the Tukutana Kids

This is us, the Tukutana Kids, praying for all the people in Hurricane Irma's path.                                            

When we learned that a dangerous hurricane was threatening to hurt Florida, we gathered together at the Tukutana Community Center to pray.

Auntie Rox (Tukutana Director) gave us a list of her friends that lived in areas the hurricane, named Irma, was supposed to hit. We made the following signs and prayed for each person by name, everyday until the storm passed.  

We give thanks to God for hearing our prayers.

Love, the Tukutana Kids (Munyonyo, Uganda)