The Swahili word kipaji means

  1. ability, talent

  2. gift, present

  3. donation

Tukutana's Kipaji Project brings this word to life by helping East African women develop abilities and cultivate talents through our Sowing Change program. Many of the ladies in our program choose to learn sewing skills so they can earn income to feed, clothe, and educate their children.

Seamstresses, in training, practice by making drawstring bags out of colorful African fabrics called Kitenge. The are bags are filled with school supplies, soaps, toothbrushes, etc. (gifts/presents) and donated to ministries, orphan homes, community-based projects, hospitals, villages and schools across Uganda.

Tukutana staff and volunteers provide Kabaji Project beneficiaries with hygiene and other trainings pertinent to the gifts they receive. 

Kipaji Project Recipients

Africa Greater Life Mission  |  Africa Renewal Ministries  |  African Children’s Choir  |  Agape Ministries  |  Another Hope Orphan Home  | COBAP  |  Cornerstone Development  |  CURE Uganda  |  Dwelling Places  | Friends Orphan School  | Frontline Ministries  |   God Cares Orphan Schools  |  God's Purpose Orphan Home |  Impact Ministries  |  International Hospital of Kampala  |  Jajja's Home (Pediatric AIDS Hospital)  |  Katalemwa Cheshire Home  |  Living Hope Orphan's School  |  Lord Cares Primary School | Loving Hearts Babies' Home  |  Molly and Paul Orphan Schools  |  Mulago Cancer Ward  | Munyony Community Project  |  Nakitoma Community Project  |  Nakitoma Primary School  |   Refuge and Hope International  |   Retrak  |  Rise and Shine Nursery School  |  Samaritan's Purse  |  Savior's Orphan Home  

Dear Auntie Rox, I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you a lot for your support towards Savior’s Orphanage! Kids were very happy with supplies you sent them. They send sweet greetings to you. I also thank you a lot for rent fees you paid for us that prevented our children’s home from closing down. May God bless you so much and may God enlarge Tukutana ministries. We love you!
— Batalaze Timothy, Director of Savior's Orphan Home
Dear Roxanne and Tukutana,

Thanks so much for the wipes and formula, we really needed them. Israel (the awake kid) was born to a former street girl who was rehabilitated and on a visit home was raped- Israel is the only good thing that came from that event. His mum is now 16 and is back in school and so happy. She visits him on the weekends.

Shaban (the sleeping one) lost his mum last month. He is now a total orphan (both parents are deceased) but has young relatives who love him very much. We will settle them together once they finish school.

Daily at Dwelling Places we see stories of fear and desperation turn into stories of hope and inspiration - thanks for being part of that!

Until every child has a chest to rest his head on, Kristen
— Kristen Fry, Dwelling Places Advocacy & Networking
Last week we had the opportunity to go into Kampala and work with a ministry called Tukutana, to get provisions to distribute at a school in the slums. Roxanne Robbins, Tukutana’s Director, partners with some crew members of an airline to collect soap, combs, lotions, toothbrushes and other such products to give to kids in Uganda. Our task on Wednesday was to help her organize all that she had, then bag enough for the students we have been working with.  We had so much fun with Roxanne and her team that day! On Friday we gave all the students their surprise.  Ryan demonstrated how to correctly use shampoo, while I demonstrated proper teeth brushing.  I am so glad we were able to do this for the kids at the school.
— Bethany Eason, World Race Missions Team Member
There are short, one time opportunities and ministries that are truly unique and we all get really excited about being involved.  During our time in Uganda, we got to take part in such an experience with an organization called Tukutana.

One of Tukutana’s ministries involves the entire globe and the partnership of many groups of peoples. Here’s how this ministry happens.  At every hotel, there are complimentary shampoos, soaps, lotions and other objects that are available.  The crew members of a major international airline have partnered with Tukutana and, while they stay at hotels around the world during their layovers, they collect these items.  Everything is kept in Dubai, UAE, until they come to Uganda, where they drop off the items at the crew members’ hotel.

The hotel, where the crew members stay, also partners with Tuktuana and stores everything until Tukutana staff pick the items up.   Tukutana then distributes the items to individuals in need or groups, such as us, who have a specific location they desire to bless.

Through our partnership with Tukutana, we decided to give all of 180 students from the primary school, where we were teaching, a bag full of different items; then lead a hygiene training for all the children. Though we knew the kids would really enjoy getting some free things, I don’t think any of us realized the impact that such a small gift would have on the community.  While we were at church, one of the women came up to give a testimony.  She told everyone how she was completely out of soap but did not have enough money to buy any more.  She didn’t know what to do, but that afternoon her child came back from school with a bag full of soaps and shampoos.  She said that it was clear God was taking care of her and would meet her needs. 
— Silas Cole, World Race Team Captain