Tukutana Kids' Golf

Tukutana believes golf can help impoverished East African youth develop life and leadership skills, and gain unprecedented access to mentors and opportunities.  As the first non-profit organization to launch a golf initiative in Uganda, we are grateful for the tremendous support we've received from the Uganda Golf Club, the Uganda Ladies' Golf Union, and our generous sponsors. 


When one of Tukutana's top golfers, Irene Ziribagwa, wanted to launch writing and acting clubs at her school, she refrained because her ambitions were met with resistance. "Why would you start these clubs," she was asked. "You can't act, and no one will want to join these clubs," they said. A few months later though, following a Tukutana holiday golf camp, Irene returned from school one afternoon wearing an engraved badge with the title, 'Acting Club, President.'

Of her decision to overcome obstacles and skepticism, and launch the clubs Irene said, "Before when people told me I wasn't capable of doing something I believed them but now that I play golf, I have confidence!" 

{UPDATE: 78 students are part of the Acting Club, and 27 boys and girls are in the Writing Club that Irene Ziribagwa founded and directs}.