working together ... with hope

The name Tukutana is derived from three Kishwalli words that combined mean 'working together ... with hope.' It is in this fashion that we strive to adeptly support and equip individuals, churches, and faith-based organizations that are committed to meeting the spiritual, physical, emotional and educational needs of Uganda’s orphaned and vulnerable children. 



Open daily, the Tukutana community center, located in the heart of Munyonyo, Uganda, provides underserved children with meals, educational resources, school sponsorships, discipleship, mentoring, activities, and art instruction. Programs, for parents and caregivers are an integral part of our ministry in this community. 

water initiative


Critical need, in an unreached region, prompted our organization to join the movement to bring safe drinking water to villages with no access to safe water sources. Tukutana has constructed 21 wells which are supporting families, children, church plants, medical clinics, and schools across eastern Uganda. 

Tukutana Kids' Golf

In 2011, Tukutana became the first non-profit organization in Uganda to build a golf program comprised of children from an impoverished community. The Tukutana Kids' Golf team has grown to 31 boys and girls who are learning leadership skills and sportsmanship through this unique opportunity.

FEATURED VIDEO: Tukutana Kids sing That's the Old Testament with Slugs & Bugs' Randall Goodgame

{Filmed at the Tukutana Community Center and along the shores of Lake Victoria in Munyonyo, Uganda}